Behind The Scenes by Caroline Elvin.

When Amy Barnes meets international superstar James Matthews, her life flips upside down. One day she’s working in a dead-end job, the next she’s fighting off paparazzi. Follow Amy on her winding journey from girl- next-door to celebrity. It sounds like the dream scenario, but can Amy handle being a celebrity in the age of social media and never-ending selfies? And, is James really the answer to her problems?

Behind The Scenes, the second book by author, Caroline Elvin, is a fun-filled how-to guide to navigating the pitfalls of being a twenty-something in the spotlight.

Inside Number 129 by Caroline Elvin.

Why do I feel so nervous? Eve Leyton questions herself as she’s thrown back into the third year of university. Her best friends hate each other and her new house is something from a horror film!

Determined to make the most of it, Eve throws herself into university life head first, only to land with a bump when she discovers her friends and boyfriend aren’t quite what they seem. Sick of playing mediator, Eve falls into the path of university heartthrob, Freddie James (and his supermodel girlfriend!) Inside Number 129 is a fun, romantic comedy about the trials and tribulations of university life and a fumbling how-not-to guide of adolescence!

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